Music Together® In Depth

The Music Together Program (Ages 0-4) brings the highest quality of music and movement experiences to early childhood by inviting grownups to participate in the development that only music can provide. 

Mixed Age Classes (0-4)- Children attend from birth through age four in our mixed age classes. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating the older ones, while the older children learn by leading and modeling for the younger ones. This is a great opportunity for families who have more than one child to attend class together. There are many styles of learning and each child participates at his or her own level through singing, moving, chanting, exploring instruments, listening, giggling and watching.

What Do We Do in Class? We sing, tap, bounce, stomp, dance, go on lap rides; explore rhythm sticks, egg shakers, drums, resonator bells, scarves, sound layering, circle dances; and take the children along on a playful, musical ride! Any caregivers- parents, grandparents, nanny, aunts, uncles- can bring the children.

A New Collection of Music Every Session- When you take Music Together at Blossom Music Tree, each semester you'll learn 25 new songs and activities that your family will enjoy in class and at home. Each family receives an illustrated songbook, 2 CD's, a digital download and access to the Music Together app. You can be in the program for 3 years before repeating a collection of music!

Summer 1 Collection 2018- This summer, we'll bring the families together for a circle-dance in Old Brass Wagon. In Down Under, we'll imitate platypus's and kangaroo's, while exposing the children to contrasting rhythmical meters. We'll learn how to make animal sounds in spanish with Vengan A Ver. We will also show families how to turn their next family dinner into a kitchen jam session with Playin' in the Kitchen! Come sing, play, laugh and learn with Music Together this summer!

Music Together Summer Session includes 3 FREE MAKEUP CLASSES that can be scheduled within the current session.

To read more about this amazing program currently serving over 3,000 communities across the world, please visit our mothership,

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