Backyard Pod Playdates

We are available for socially distanced outdoor backyard music classes with your pod (up to 6 families). We bring sanitized instruments in plastic bags and a large drum for each family so nobody has to share. We will lead you and your friends for 45-50 min of singing, rhythm chants, shaker songs, drum songs, lap rides and large movement activities all led by Teacher Daveen with her accordion. Please contact us or call us at 323-333-6646 for bookings!

Please note: All adults must be masked for the class. (not the children)

Why not a park? San Diego county is only allowing excercise classes and religious organizations to operate and gather in parks right now. Any other gatherings must be people from the same household

Up to 6 families 1 class $125

(Payments must be made in full by one party and not split up)