Ukulele Classes for Parents & Children

Classes Start April 27th

The ukulele is a perfect sized instrument for children AND their parent's. Not to mention, it's just FUN! Our group classes are designed for children and parent's to learn to play the ukulele TOGETHER. By learning with your child, you will be able to help them at home and play songs with eachother! (Scroll down to register)

  • Uke & I classes are approriate for beginners
  • Fun, relaxed environment
  • Classes will include singing and music games geared toward the makeup of the class
  • Students will strengthen rhythmic skills and pitch recognition as they learn to tune and to sing along with their instrument.
  • Parent's & children will learn how to play TOGETHER. Parents learn. Children learn
  • 50 min. class
  • Materials included in tuition
  • Ukulele's are not included
  • Parent & child must have their own separate ukulele's.
  • Tuition Rates

Don't Have a Ukulele? We Recommend...

Makala Dolphin Soprano or Kala Ukadelic Soprano 
The Soprano size is the most common size and makes the classic traditional sound. It is small, light and great for younger players and adults too. Adults with larger hands, please see below. 

Bigger Hands?

Makala Concert Classic Series
The Concert is the next size up from a Soprano ukulele, with an inch longer in the scale and a wider neck for bigger hands & fingers. Not for children. 

No classes are currently scheduled.